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Services and after-sales service commitment
J) is responsible for product transport to ensure intact. If an accident were to make up for the measures.
K) engineering and technical staff assigned to the seat installed and tested by users and provide relevant technical information.
L) is responsible for user training operators.
M) Spare Parts products provide long-term, the warranty period under the contract provisions. Overhaul equipment and undertake a trade.
N) to implement the phone tracking service, take the initiative to gather the views of users. The timely processing of customer来人, communications, calls the problem.
O) initiative introduced to users of new technologies, new materials, new products.
P) 2 hours in response to eight hours to provide solutions and, if necessary, send technical personnel to the need to solve the problem. Warranty period of paid services provided, long-term provision of spare parts.
Q) components of a free distribution vulnerability.
Quality testing standards
A) GB507 electrical insulation strength of oil;
B) GB7600 running water in the transformer oil Determination Act (Coulomb Law);
C) DL423 insulating oil in the gas content of (vacuum pressure Act);
D) GB7595 operation transformer oil quality standards;
E) DL429.2-91 power system oily color assay test methods.
F) ZBJ77-010 vacuum Absolute Oil machine technology and performance test methods;
G) JB/T5285 vacuum Absolute Oil and basic parameters of models;
H) SD313 oil particle number and size distribution measurement methods (automatic particle counting Instrument Code);
I) GB10894 separation mechanical noise power level of determination (Works Act);

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